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How brands are using marketing to address COVID-19

Even though no one’s going out or socializing, it doesn’t mean you have to stop marketing. Now is a time to shift rather than cease your marketing campaigns. Marketing should always be in touch with current events by showing sensitivity, empathy, and usefulness.

Here’s how some brands all over the world are showing how they’re dealing with the pandemic.

1. Coca-Cola - stay apart

It’s a simple change, but to an iconic, classic logo. The message underneath encourages what the CDC and health professionals in general are all telling us: we all need to stay apart!

Marketing message during COVID-19 Example
Coca-Cola Logo Social Distancing

2. IKEA - cherish being home

Staying at home doesn’t have to consist of swiping through social media nostalgic for beach parties while you binge seven different shows wearing the same sweatpants for the 5th day in a row. Home isn’t just for relaxing and sleeping, it’s a place to cultivate and enjoy the relationships with those you share it with. Whether it’s your roommates, siblings, parents, kids, spouses, cats, or just some plants, you have more time to spare with them. IKEA’s video campaign shows how happy one can be at home with their families and objects.

3. Jeep - even your Jeep should stay parked

The only thing that your Jeep’s iconic grill should be seeing is the inside of your garage.

Even brands made for the rugged outdoors are encouraging you to stay home, but this doesn’t mean they have to stop showing their typically outdoorsy products. If something like Jeep is telling you to stay home, you should stay home. This may not be encouraging anyone to buy or use a Jeep right now -- campaigns like this are more for sending a message and showing your brand’s values.

4. PG&E - reaching out to Gen Z through dancing on TikTok

Ah, TikTok, the app of Gen Zs (and a few Millennials with some adorable grandparents sprinkled in). It’s no surprise that large companies use it to reach our youth. PG&E picked up on the popularity of dance challenges and decided to make their own. With the help of popular teen influencer Charli D’Amelio, PG&E’s #DistanceDance challenge racked up over 8 billion views globally, encouraging TikTok users to dance at home away from their friends.

The challenge also gave the company the opportunity to show their generous side. For every #PGpartner tagged video, essential items were donated to Feeding America.

5. Simplehuman’s influencer campaigns

Unsurprisingly, the home goods brand saw an increase in demand for their no-touch items. Seeing the difference it would make, simplehuman decided to donate thousands of these products to hospitals, but not without partnering with some influential celebrity figures such as DJ Khaled, Elizabeth Banks, and Jamie Chung. Together, they helped to promote their giving back campaign with the celebrities asking their followers to nominate organizations for receiving free soap dispensers and refills.

6. Oji Life Lab - Coping With Corona E-book

The coronavirus brings challenges to our health, wealth, businesses, relationships, and more. Our feelings are turned up to 11 while our resilience is tested hourly. It can be challenging. Or, worse. Oji Life Lab has created a hands-on guide that will help you navigate the emotional challenges at work and at home. Download the Corona Care E-Book here.


This pandemic isnt going to last forever and brands could be judged later on how they handled the situation. Read about Crafting You Marketing Message During a Pandamic.

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