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5 Most Effective Digital Marketing Tools for Blockchain Startups

Digital Marketing - Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is much more than a financial technology. This form of technology has already disrupted a number of industries in all parts of the world. The list includes but is not limited to education, healthcare, artificial intelligence, finance and e-commerce.

The potential of Blockchain is being explored further by the governments of many countries. Neom is the perfect example of it. What is Neom? It is a unique Blockchain-based township project that Saudi Arabian government has put forward. Saudi Arabian government plans on making Blockchain an essential part/base of this project. Quite interesting! Isn’t it?

Can this Fintech disrupt digital marketing consultation services offered by the agencies? Only time will tell. But, services offered by digital marketing agencies are very popular and help businesses grow exponentially! Coming back to the point, here are the reasons why blockchain marketing tools are needed.

Primary Reasons for Immediate Need of Blockchain Marketing Tools:

Blockchain is traditionally used for keeping records related to the transactions of Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency became the talk of the town with the help of digital marketing through search engines and social media management services.

But some relevant investment schemes marketed through search engines and social media platforms like Google, Facebook and Twitter scammed investors. This encouraged search engines and social media platforms impose ban on the marketing of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Taking this into consideration, many governments in the world are also imposing bank on this technology invention. Governments are levying ban on Blockchain startups as well.

This ban proved to be a massive setback to the growth of this financial revolution. This kind of negative initiative hurt Cryptocurrency and Blockchain investors and Blockchain Startups as well. As a result, the requirement of effective digital marketing tools for Blockchain Startups popped-up.

This is the main highlight of this post!

In case you are Blockchain startup owner or likely to join the bandwagon, this post is for you.

Read this post till the end you will get to know about 5 effective digital marketing tools to market your Blockchain startup.

5 Effective Digital Marketing Tools for Your Blockchain Startup:


This could be a huge revolution in the domain of digital marketing. More than 1 million searchers are already leveraging the potential of this Blockchain based search engine challenging the monopoly of Search Engine Optimization services. Well, that’s a distant dream for now. Google is not going anywhere soon!

But, it can be called as an innovative digital marketing tool that you need to market your Blockchain startup! It is mainly because Presearch is based on a number of unique concepts. For example:

  • A community-driven decision making process to align everyone’s interests.

  • The idea of surfacing and displaying high-quality content.

  • The ease of purchasing targeted and non-intrusive keyword sponsorships for Blockchain startups through its own token ecosystem.


This decentralized alternative to Quora is a perfect digital marketing tool your Blockchain startup can feed on. It benefits your target market as well as your business venture. It financially rewards your target market for their engagement with the variety of content you post. This is one of the main reasons why most of the people nowadays want to join Steemit. Taking this into consideration, it could be a highly effective digital marketing tool for your Blockchain startup to feed on.


This Decentralized video sharing platform is a direct competitor to YouTube. This video sharing platform is free of ads, adverts, recommendation algorithms. It is not dominated by tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple.

Meaning, this independent Blockchain revolution allows you access to its community with ease and securely. All in all, it could be a perfect digital marketing tool a Blockchain startup needs to flourish.


This is another powerful digital marketing tool to help you market your Blockchain startup with ease. Based on Ethereum Blockchain, is an equaling to LinkedIn for job seekers. However, Blockchain startups could leverage the potential of Indorse for growth on digital front. Meaning, It is like decentralized LinkedIn, a platform for job seekers as well as business growth!


It is like decentralized Instagram! You can share photos and get in touch with influencers to market your Blockchain startup. Just like businesses hiring agencies for Social Media Management services these days, we can expect a spectacular growth of services in the blockchain domain as well!

However, it does not fall in the category of Instagram. It is because you can market your Blockchain startup to new target audience available on it in millions. Slowly and steadily, it can be the financial backup your Blockchain startup may need in future to deal with small-scale financial needs with Cryptocurrency.

The list could go on and on! It does not end here only! You need to open your browser and do some research about it. Slowly but steadily, internet is becoming the ocean of decentralized mobile apps (DApps), websites and a variety of platforms that your Blockchain Startup could utilize effectively for digital marketing.

In the times to come, major breakthroughs in this field are expected out of Blockchain.

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