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Designing a Content Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Content Marketing for Small Business - Bon Digital

Truthfully, the marketing strategy for small businesses simply works in a way similar to GPS navigation pointers. Business owner is at liberty to set the starting point and the ending phase. You are at verge to implement strategies consistently making some little corrections as you progress. In a bid to set a comprehensive plan, our candid advice as digital marketing expert is to take a step back and firstly determine your aims and objectives, what action steps will bring the best result and marketing target audience. Our goal as a digital marketing agency is to highlight smart marketing strategy that should be a focus when promoting your business.

Your Business Online Storefront

The storefront of your business is your website. This generation of target audience doesn’t go to stores or malls looking for information about new products. Doing an online search is usually the first thing that comes to the mind when looking for a product or service.Target audience finds your website on google and that’s where you make your first impression as a business owner. Creating a user-friendly website, that is easy to navigate and shows your products or service value proposition.

Content Marketing Strategy and Online Discoverability For Small Businesses.

The ultimate business marketing tool designed for the prospective target audience are the information you update on your website. The more target audience has the right information about your business or products, the more they are to make the first move and contact you for patronage. Content marketing concept in recent years has been redefined. It is a highly profitable strategy in its own right, long-term plans, and budget. It has the power to transform businesses with higher returns than the usual traditional marketing methods. This is why marketers are strong in diversifying their channel plans. While company blogs were the carrier of typical content strategy, today, with the knowledge of digital marketing, we found out that intelligently spreading content across diverse platforms can boost discoverability, awareness, website traffic, and increase lead generation. Whitepapers, video, social media, ebooks, and infographics will continue to make a significant impact for B2B and B2C businesses. As a small business owner, incorporate different media platform that can provide appealing information to your target audience in order to make a decision. Organic search is a pivotal part of every website as well as a critical part of the buyer funnel resulting in conversion or engagement.

Small Business Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) should be the focal point of your website structure. SEO certainly comes to play as it improves the website’s overall visibility and discoverability. Being highly discoverable will definitely boost your brand’s awareness. Trust me, it is not helpful to own a top-notch website that nobody finds on search engines. It would be similar to purchasing an expensive product wrapped up in a paper and disposing in a closet. Keywords are the most important elements in order to help your target audience find the website for your small business on search engines. The best way to increase leads, reduce costs and get a much better exposure is through Search engine optimization. Our role at Bon Digital LLC is to help you with SEO best practices so as to help improve overall site visibility. In terms of SEO, quite a number of factors must be considered such as: Technical SEO, keyword research, website performance, backlinks, etc. Make sure you concentrate your SEO efforts at all these factors and perform regular site audit and monitor keyword ranking to measure improvements.

Here Are Some Ways To Help Promote Content:

Video Marketing:

If pictures are worth thousand words, video is worth a billion. One of the most important strategies in content marketing is video. In under a minute, using videos, you can explain your business or service and how it helps to solve the needs of your audience. Similar to website discoverability, once the video is ready, you need to promote it. Start to share on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and or even snapchat. It is one of the best ways to reach the target audience. Facebook is really taking a lead in terms of content distribution. More video marketing contents are watched more than ever before. According to statistics (Statista, 2018), 85% of internet users in the US browse online videos marketing content on their devices monthly. Surprisingly, Turkey and Saudi Arabia ranked first with 95% of online users watching marketing video contents.


Blog allows you to share your ideas with your prospective target audience. You can blog about your products, service, your customers, company events, updates, etc. Blog length can range from 300 to over 2000 words. Just make sure the content is not duplicate and up to date with the information that is consumable for your audience. This way, you can add interesting and rich content to your website. Think about SEO, keywords, and topics that you want your website to rank for and generate content accordingly. It gives you a better opportunity to be found on search engine and social media platforms.


If you are indeed looking to drive leads to your brand, then, it is high time you put your pen to work. A whitepaper is considered as one of the most effective ways to drive leads to your business. This is considered so because, a high-quality whitepaper grabs the attention of your audience, ultimately helping you gain their trust, ascertain the credibility and gradually increase leads through funnel.

Landing Pages:

Need leads? Create a well-designed landing page. A landing page is a destination page for users from organic and paid sources. Mostly landing pages are used to capture user information in return for a whitepaper, newsletter sign up, webinar or some other giveaway. Landing page should be created with a single purpose, and push users to take that action by offering very fewer exit points.

Hope this article on content marketing strategies and tactics provided you some helpful tips. Read about customer journey to learn how to create content for users at different stages of the marketing funnel.

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